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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ >> sacre bleu! craig: oh, really, was there any need for the french -- tonight? that was an enormous -- gerard depardieu would have loved that. you know what i was thinking when i was talking to catherine deneuve? i really am a huge fan. she has made some amazing films. a great beauty of cinema. she was in a film called "the hunger" with david bowie. i think it was the late 1970's or early 1980's, wasn't it? it was back in the vampire days when they were not -- ooh-la-la -- vegetarians. you know, i swear, i celebrate the youth. i support you and go get them. be anything you can be but that vampire [beep] you people are into now, ooh-la-la. you're robbing yourselves of a great, gory fun fest.
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it is also a film starring big -- which is as the name of a porn movie starring big doughy pancakes. listen. we're going to go. well, we're not, actually. you are. no, you're probably going to stay home and watch something better. [laughter] like an infomercial or something. anyway, off you pop and i'll see you tomorrow. good night, everybody. [ wheezing breaths ] ,,,,,,,,,,
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what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ] you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. i can hear the crash. i can see that my hill is gone. so i don't want to wait for the rest of it to go down the hill. >> an east bay family packs up and gets out. why people in the neighborhood say the city left them vulnerable. it has beautiful homes and lush scenery, but something is missing in marin county. why the federal government is now taking notice. and if you think people here shop a lot, you're correct. proof that the bay area buys more clothes than any other area in the country. good evening, i'm dana king. you can actually hear the earth
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cracking. homeowners on wiman street in san pablo have been watching their backyards disappear during these recent storms. and now the fear is, their homes are the next to go. robert lials is in the neighborhood right now. robert. >> reporter: dana, to understand what it means to say that these backyards are gone, allow me to step out of the way. we are in the 5900 block of hillcrest. this backyard used to be at least ten feet wider. in fact, it had a staircase going up the hill. that has all been swallowed by four trees root and all, tons of mud. it pulled up the support poles, the fencing, and in the back, it used to be a 6-foot tall storage shed. it has been crumpled like an aluminum can. the land is sliding from three homes above into the back of these homes. as you can tell from that storage shed, it's sliding into the back of the house. residents tell me they believe
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all of this is connected to a devastating landslide 28 years ago. >> i am not going to wait. >> blanca is trying to box up what her family can live with and live without because tonight she is in a race against the storm cloud. you would, too, if your backyard looked as if it was hit by a major earthquake. instead, her backyard in san pablo has been sliced away by days and days of rain. they will hope tarping will slow the landslide. >> i can hear the cracks. i can see that my hill is gone. so i don't want to wait for the rest of it to go down the hill. >> what was her backyard has now slid. >> this used to be embedded into the side of the hill. >> in the back of steven hewitt's family home on hillcrest. the hill crumbled as our cameras roled. it was believed this landslide started 24 hours ago, but
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hewitt says this utility pole 400 feet from the family's front door saw a different story. >> we have been watching it for the last three or four months. pg and e was out here monday or tuesday to sure up the pole. >> it slid back in 1983. >> the flag came all the way up to our front grass and stopped. >> city officials caution residents not to jump to conclusions. saying the 83 slide -- >> may or may not impact the slides we are looking at today. what are you waiting on to determine if that might have some kind of effect here. >> leon walker says you can draw a straight line from the old slide to his backyard. >> we are directly in front of it. if that fell 50 feet, then they didn't properly sink it. >> six homes are affected, but three homeowners say they are not affected. companies are now shifting the responsibility. >> they look for any way not to pay. so if they can say that house
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is causing the trickle down theory here, then we got to go after them. >> now back out live, it's a bit unnerving to stand here because you can literally hear the popping. i don't know if it is structures or trees. i can tell you that the city of san pablo owns a vacant property directly next door to where i stand. the city says it is prepared to split the cost of the soil. the city is contacting governor brown's office, hoping he will declare a state of emergency and they believe that will help free up some emergency funds. meanwhile, building inspectors are scheduled to stop by all six of these properties over the next 6 to 12 hours throughout the weekend. they are trying to determine if these homes will remain habitable or if they will have to red tag them. dana, that brings up an
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entirely new issue. with homeowner's insurance, not offering any coverage here, they don't believe that they'll have the money to actually move out to pay for tech rare housing. >> they could be in a world of hurt there. >> absolutely. robert lial, thank you st. a landslide left 160 families without water in alameda county. the heavy rain triggered the slide on the pleasantton ridge which destroyed a water main. the affected homes won't have portable water until sunday at the oldiest. steve tour rain and continued wet weather are slowing down the repair work. work is still going on want to to clean up another muddy mess. the damage from the spot where the earth opened up in capatola. >> the cozy mobile home is called our beach house. overnight, it literally became a cliff house. the unit straddles a sink hole 20 feet deep and 100 feet long. >> we are in shock.
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we are numb. >> crews are working right next to vanessa's home, ground zero. the twisted metal and asphalt below is all that is left of a culvert that ruptured under the pressure of a historic downpour. yesterday, 6 inches of rain fell fast and furious and most of it went right through here. the water flows into so cal creek, which had 100 year flood. the blowout sent water cascading into downtown capatola and some places it was knee deep. two dozen businesses were flooded and mud was everywhere. tracy's unit was one of 40 in the mobile home park that had minor damage. >> why was your unit spared? >> luck of the draw. we are just in a location where it went past. nothing more than that. >> as for vanessa's homes, engineers will try to save it, but no guarantees.
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>> had a lot of good times. about it. >> in capatola, cbs 5. clear lake is still above flood stage tonight. initially hit above nine feet this morning. some who live on the lake saw their homes flood. at a boat launching facility in the city of clear lake, the water spread quickly into the parking lot. usually you have to go down the ramp, but water is right now covering it. >> in the sierra, caltrans reopened interstate 80 this afternoon. it was closed in both directions from colfax to truce key last night after eight feet of snow fell on the freeway. squaw valley says so far this season, it has had 50 feet of snow. only the third time since 1970 that the resort has had that much. and the rain is not done with us yet, dana. >> after a high today of 54,
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the 61 in half-moon bay, people were out and about without the umbrella. wait. we have more rain, it's picking up pleasantty rain showers right now. but i want to share with you this blob right here. it's the precipitation, working it way toward berkeley. as i back off, you can take a look at the north bay. this is a leading edge of the next storm that is headed our way. that will bring us moderate to heavy precipitation. that on top of the 18 inches oaf rain that has accumulated. in mill valley, coupe phi know with 14 inches. and it has rained 20 days out of 25 in the month of march. 9 1/2 inches of rain. we'll pinpoint the areas that have two inches away. thanks, roberta. japan's nuclear crisis has taken a turn for the worse.
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there's likely a breech in the plant. they discovered the problem when two workers behind this tarp suffered severe radiation burns after stepping in water outside of the reactor. the water had radiation levels 10,000 times higher normal. >> this creates the possibility of a much larger release of radiation into the environment. >> following that discovery, the government expanded the zone to 12 to 19 miles. in syria, witnesses say security forces shot and killed at least 15 people during protests against the government. the protests started in a rural town have now spread to several cities in a country where protests have not been tolerated in the past. and video shows protesters defacing a poster of the president. now in reresponse to the demonstrations, the president
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has made promises including large public pay raises. they do not trust he will make good on that offer. >> gadhafi ground fourses are a threat despite a week of air strikes. a tank was taken out today by a british jet as it was preparing to fire on rebels. for the first time, an air ran country -- planes started missions today. on monday, president obama will address the nation to explain his decision to send u.s. forces into libya. more californians are working. employers hired 100,000 people last month for new jobs. california's unemployment rate dropped slightly to 12.2%. that is still a lot higher than the nation's unemployment rate. including selano, marin, and
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san francisco. except for one area that is so excite that the feds say something is wrong. joe vazquez shows us where. >> people here are very, very nice. >> barbra grew up and continues to live in the affordable housing come pledges. she knows she is raising her children in one of the most desirable counties in the world. >> i walk down the street, people say good morning to me. i feel fortunate. >> she happens to be one of the whitest. 94% of the residents are white. the highest percentage in the bay area. that's according to a list of the whitest cities in the bay area, compiled by the citizens. seven of the top ten cities are in marin county. the federal government recently took marin county to task when it comes to providing housing. marin is not in compliance with the civil rights act.
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a county spokesman tells me most of the problem were recordkeeping issues and it's difficult to build any new housing in na rine. >> i see might be four latina children there and one african american. >> something is wrong. >> nancy reid lived in ma rine city for 28 years. >> why they are not doing more, now they have to be forced to do more. >> marin county is promising to do more in a report just issued this week. the feds are reviewing it. joe vazquez, cbs 5. people in the bay area like to shop. coming up, the cities where people spend the most money on clothing more than anywhere else in the country. and no, it is not san francisco. hand held and 3d. we have a sneak peek of what is
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turns out they live right here in the bay area. elizabeth cook visited the town expected census information is outing the biggest clothes horses in the country and it turns out they live right here in the bay area. elizabeth cook visited the town expected to spend the most per person on outfits this year. >> at the savvy shopaholic, the name says it all. >> are the people here in danville shopaholics? >> yes. we tell them, we don't judge.
1:55 am
>> the ten was number one on the list of top ten u.s. cities that spend the most on clothes per capita. >> you walk downtown, you see people walking around and they have good balance. danville is expected to shell out 38.8 million in dollars. that's close to 2,000 a year per perp. >> you like to look good, so it was nice to keep up with the new trends. >> a high household income of raj of listen 130,000 a year and a reel teffly unemployment rate of 6%, make it easier to shop until you drop. >> why specifically danville until why are utilizing so much here in veilville. >> you know, i think danville is, first of all, it's more expensive of a place to live, but there's also the whole stigma of everybody wanting to
1:56 am
lock their best. >> it's not just bayville. four other cities rounded out the top shoppers list. saritofa is sixth. and mama calm in aught. proving dressing well is not only a trend, it's the way of life. >> from what we wear, like gets put off in other areas. so it doesn't surprise me. >> elizabeth cook, cbs 5. i'm luke to shop for some sunshine. maybe this weekend. what to you say? >> a new pair of sunglasses. yo do you know where your sunglasses are? i have no idea, but we will need them once we gets past the weekend. not endorsing this. this is what one gentleman did. he grabbed his surf road in santa row a and surfing on the
1:57 am
creek under west prd street bridge. chopper 5 high in the sky to capturing a sunshine. with e have men of rig right now and our doppler is picking up rain shores. this is mad rat to heavy downpours. we are picking up a little lite precipitation. but the bottom line is, the showers will be pushing in and tennessee the on the low side. the departure of yesterday's system. today we saw rain from the unsettled air mass. this nebs area of low pressure will produce moderate to heavy rain. but if our pinpoint forecast is correct and it has been for weeks now, look at the backside of the front, which leads me to believe the heaviest precipitation will happen in the overnights. the portion of the day for the
1:58 am
mid-morning hours. we will see anywhere from 3/4 to 2 inches of rain. the heaviest rain to the north and around the santa cruz mountains. tomorrow's temperatures into the 50s. up to 60 degrees in oakland and alameda. sunday, a lingering shower early, otherwise portly cloudy. wean through friday. good guys custom car show. a chance ,,,,,,,,
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weekend. it's expected to be a best-seller. but cnet's kara tsuboi shows us, it s with a warning. nintendo's brand-new hand held gaming device hits store shelves this weekend. it's expected to be a best seller, but kara shows us it comes with a warning. >> we're all familiar with 3d movies and 3d tv's, but now 3d hand held gaming devices. >> this is the first time it has 3d technology on a device that already has popularity. >> he has been reviewing technology for years and it will raise the bar on what
2:01 am
people expect from 3d. >> it is definitely living up to the proposition of the device. >> the 3ds is packed with other features. augmented reality. >> so it looks like this game is playing out on your desk in front of you and it can look like the table is warping. >> then there's the 3d camera. >> i can take a 3d photo and send it off to all of my friends with the same device. >> it's definitely for a younger audience. >> unfortunately, it's not geared for all audiences, nintendo med it clear that this guy is not suit physical for kids. siting panel harm to the eyes. doctors say use caution. >> right now, we don't have duction. however, acing said that adults and children do, mod rake is a
2:02 am
good idea. >> there are parental switch on. >> for thbs news, c will ever and san francisco. you will never guess which team scored 84 points in one-,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new, 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. the tournament.. every team grabbed the top ranking during the regular season, they lost. it's fitting that ohio state did the same in the tournament.
2:05 am
if the whole basketball thing doesn't work out for josh, he may have a spot in the a's bullpen with shots like that. ohio state down 60-57. gets free, knocks down his fourth three of the game. here's the finish. >> he beat fred. five seconds. ohio state wins. the season on the line, by ford -- no. the monster upset. >> so mr. clench has come through again as they take down the top seed to advance to the e lite 8. buzz will yams wanted an ugly game, he did his part, scoring 14 points in the furs half, but the eagles couldn't slow down. they will play kentucky on sunday. florida state and number 10 seed ease in the sweet 16 for the first time since 1993,
2:06 am
taking on virginia commonwealth. a number 11 seed, the first ten versus 11 matchup in ncaa history. florida state coach, leanard hamilton, his first sweet 16 appearance. in jour time, chris faked the three. florida up one. 71-7 0e, but it came down to this. >> seven seconds to play. bcu up by 1. no timeouts called. it's over. it's all over. >> the seminoles don't get to shot off and they advance to the elite 8 for the fur time in school history g. getting into it before they took to could you repeat. the doctors didn't bring that kind of flight to the floor, instead, they get caught in the web. thomas robinson plans it home.
2:07 am
27 to 4 rine. jayhawks napped for 15 minutes. santa clara beats smu. devon foster scores 30 points for the broncso. they will play tomorrow. not everybody was glued pho march madness and worried about their brackets tonight. >> professional basketball game. >> first nba game? >> what are you expecting? >> the warriors to win tonight. >> joe may want to get that kid season tickets. warriors scored an nba car. seven players were in double figures and finished with 180 ponts. they blow out toronto. cif, state championships. all go over school. here's how it ends.
2:08 am
oh my goodness, can you believe that? >> rose before rose away on our last possession. you performed our first ever 02- 40 and they will take if r sure. st. joseph's won a state title. that's good. more crave teams. >> that is blue the mall hebe. >> that was a tough way to louis. but if it was somebody to leave. >> be there in o.k. land. >> th,,,,,,,,,,
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